How to sharpen a knife?

2.   Using TWINSHARP® Sharpening Devices



This innovative and knife sharpener with its two separate sharpening modules sharpens knives simply, safely and effectively. It is easy to use because, in contrast to the sharpening steel, the angle is pre-set. Thus it is nearly impossible to use this sharpener the wrong way. Using its steel wheels, module 1 is able to gently remove small damages to the edge. Module 2 gently smoothes the edge and restores the knife to its high sharpness. Beyond that TWINSHARP® Select works equally for left- and right-handers. Click here to view TWINSHARP® Select 

This knife sharpener may only be used for uncoated knives with a straight edge. It comprises two modules which are marked:

  • Module I with steel wheels for coarse sharpening, pre-sharpening respectively and
  • Module II with ceramic wheels for fine sharpening and smoothing.

    How to use it:
  1. Place your TWINSHARP® Select on an even, anti-slip surface. Make sure the knife blade is clean.
  2. Take your TWINSHARP® Select with either left or right hand, thumb and index finger should touch, and press it slightly on the surface.
  3. Place the end of the cutting edge (near the handle) in a 90° angle into the respective module. Draw the blade with little pressure towards yourself, never apply too much pressure or use a see-saw movement. Depending upon the degree of bluntness, you may have to repeat the process up to five times.
  4. Should your knife be very blunt, use module I first followed by module II. Knives with a little degree of bluntness may only require the use of module II to bring back the original sharpness.
  5. Check the result by cutting into a sheet of paper.

    Important note:
  • No liquids are necessary to sharpen knives with the TWINSHARP® Select.
  • To clean the TWINSHARP® Select, simply turn it upside down to get rid of the residual sharpening dust. Use a dry soft cloth to clean off your TWINSHARP® Select. Avoid wet cleaning or dishwasher use as this might damage your TWINSHARP® Select beyond repair.
  • Never try to open your TWINSHARP® Select.
  • Avoid to drop your TWINSHARP® Select, as this might damage it.
  • Your TWINSHARP® Select is not meant for specialty knives or scissors.
  • The pre-set angle of the sharpening wheels is for household knives only. To sharpen Oriental knives, a different angle might be necessary.


This knife sharpener uses stainless steel to sharpen and ceramic wheels to hone your ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS knives. It even adds a rich polish to your knives and is easy to use.

To use, grasp the curved bar and draw the blade through the V slot 4-5 times. Use only moderate force.. It's designed for right- or left-handed use.